Advising and Mentoring

As an advisor and mentor I try my best to encourage students to find their authentic voice in writing, substantiate their beliefs through well argued prose, and adhere to their own epistemic commitments through their work.  We also laugh as much as possible.

I teach courses in Knowledge Organization at the Master’s and PhD level.  I also advise students in in their PhD work, research seminar (INFX 571), independent studies (LIS 600), and directed research (INFX 594).

Pedagogy and Classroom Ethos


In my lecture classes you can expect thorough presentations on the topics, based in the readings, but supplemented by in-class exercises, and assignments that emphasize the outcomes expected in the course.


Students are the leaders of my seminar classes.  I outline the texts we need to cover at the beginning, and then proceed.  In the course of our time together we all ask questions and try to advance our understanding of the literature, and what more can be developed in KO.

Independent Studies

With rare exceptions (see MLIS 600 in 2010) I allow students to guide independent studies.  With my approval students outline their course of study, readings, assignments, and then we meet once a week to discuss readings and drafts of papers.